Shifu - Testnet V2
Shifu - Testnet V2

Shifu - Testnet V2

‘Putting the SSV token to work’

Shifu (v2) is Here!

SSV Testnet V2 is live, and we’ve named it SHIFU It comes with some of the most significant changes to the network to date! To support Shifu, we’ve released new features, designs, guides & documentation to help you get better acquainted with the future of DVT.

What’s New in v2

During the last eight months, the SSV Core Team has been working non-stop in the coding forges to enhance the protocol:

  • The team has improved the network topology (as discussed in our blog post).
  • Upgrades have been made to the SSV smart contracts.
  • Integrated the SSV token to align the interests of network participants.
  • Added new operator and validator management functionality, and much more!

Get Started

Before you dive in, review Shifu’s release notes

SSV Testnet V2 is Here! Shifu Explained

Shifu SSV Testnet V2 Pre Launch (Short version)

General Resources


Node Operators

Get Started ⚠️ Set up V2 from scratch! 1. Follow the installation guide
  • Make sure to install a new server! Use the Operator guide for more information.
  1. Deposit / import Validators.
  2. Share feedback.
Grafana Dashboard
🕹 Docker Image: 


Get Started ⚠️ Deposit / Transfer your Validators
  1. Connect your wallet to the webapp
  2. Deposit / Import your validator
  1. Give us feedback!


Extra Credit